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Alejandro & Mitch



How did you meet?

We met one another in the fall of 2015. We’d both just moved to the island and were looking for new friends to explore our new homes with. We started meeting for bike rides together, coffees and sharing stories about our lives before moving. Funnily enough, though, we never ended up dating at the time, and our relationship was not romantic until almost five years later.

During that five years, we were always close friends and confidantes. Even while we each travelled to other countries and cities, we kept in contact and exchanged stories about our lives. Eventually, we both ended up back in Victoria again and re-connected romantically– finally!

Now we know that we’d both had crushes on one another the whole time, but neither of us ever thought the other felt the same. Perhaps we both needed to mature to a certain place before we were ready to be emotionally available to one another the way we are now.

Two of our favorite memories together were meeting each other’s families this past year. We spent Christmas in 2019 with Mitchell’s family in Canada. And we went home to Colombia to visit Alejandro’s family (where for the first time, he was introducing a boy to them). Both of our families embraced the other, and we feel very lucky to have acceptance and love from both sides.


Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

Alejandro: My favorite thing about Mitch is his intellect and artistic way of seeing the world and how creative musically he is. He’s a good dancer and makes me dance in our living room often.

Mitch: One of my favorite things about Alejandro is his outlook on life. He always finds a way to see the positive in any situation, and his smile and laugh are infectious. I love spending time doing almost anything with him.


What’s in the future for you both?

We see ourselves continuing to travel the world together. Perhaps a year in Italy? And someday, we would love to split our time between Colombia and Canada to spend time with both of our families.

Sometimes it’s worth it to hold onto a friendship at first and dare to take “the next step” when it’s the right time.

A Note from the Photographer

For this shoot, I played “Louis Armstrong, Dream a little Dream” from my speaker, and allowed my couple to dance the night away. They were so playful and laughed the entire time. We started in their exposed brick, artists loft, and then made our way up to the rooftop after a wardrobe change. There were some major sparks flying, and this was such a romantic experience to photograph.

Photography by Jess Leigh