A Bumble love story from the small town of Thornton, America

Going through Divorce while Falling in Love with a Woman

Love knows no boundaries, and Ashley and Eileen’s love story is a testament to that. They found each other through a dating app, and it was love at first sight when they met in person. Their love was so transparent that Ashley’s parents knew they were seeing each other within ten minutes of meeting Eileen.

Their love story had its share of challenges. Ashley had to go through a divorce from a straight marriage during the first year of their relationship. It was a difficult time, but they had each other to rely on and lean on. They were navigating the complexities of coming out in a small town where Ashley was widely known as “The Pageant Girl,” and Eileen had to prove that their relationship was real and not “just a phase.”

Despite the challenges, their love only grew stronger. They took a day trip to Montreal, and it was the day they confirmed their relationship with each other. They spent the day walking the streets, taking photos, and enjoying each other’s company. As they were sipping their beers, they both awkwardly wanted to discuss, “what are we?” And to their rescue, Ashley received a text from an old acquaintance that read, “so, are you guys dating or something…” It was an extraordinary moment for the both of them as they passionately gazed into each other’s eyes, later accompanied by a sweet embrace and kissing.

Ashley loves how pure Eileen’s heart is, and she is the most genuine person she knows. Eileen’s relentless spirit is what she loves about Ashley. They are each other’s best friends, and their love is beyond words.

They are nearing four years together, 30 months engaged, and ten months away from walking down the aisle! Their wedding planning process has been fun and stress-free, and it gave them the flexibility to focus on developing their relationship even more. They are currently navigating their careers, and they are mapping out their financial and personal goals so that they perfectly align with each other.

Ashley and Eileen’s love story is beautiful and inspiring. They are proof that love knows no boundaries, and when you find the one, everything falls into place. They have faced challenges, but their love has only grown stronger. They are each other’s soulmates, and they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together.

Photographer Alyssa Frost Photography


Outfit Lulu’s

Venue Chickadee Hill Farms

Wedding Rings Blue Nil, Etsy