A gay London wedding that is bold, fun and androgynous

Harry Styles Inspired Wedding

Words by organiser & host Kirsty Mackenzie.

Tell us the inspiration behind the shoot.

I was inspired by things outside of the wedding world primarily. I love fashion, and Harry Styles was a big influence for this shoot. I wanted to have fun with fashion and show couples that you don’t have to wear a white dress and a black tux. Fashion can be androgynous and fun, and weddings should be too! 

Weddings shouldn’t be about being male or female and having a bride and groom. It should be about who you want to be, what makes you happy as an individual, and being happy together, rather than having these labels that the wedding industry and society dictate. 

I was also inspired by the TV series Euphoria. I love the way this was shot and the creative storytelling and lighting.


Why was creating this shoot important to the team? 

It was really important to the team that the shoot was diverse and inclusive. Not just with the real couple models we used, but that the whole team was also diverse and celebrated. 

We feel the wedding industry still has such a heterosexual stigma, and we wanted to ensure that our styled shoot incorporated inspiration for all kinds of people.


What are the key styling elements of the styled inspiration, and who brought them to life? 

We wanted to show what a London wedding warehouse would look like if Harry Styles threw up on Euphoria.

Urban but colourful. Modern but bold. 

One of the key styling elements was the bold and colourful fashion, complemented by the array of colourful flowers with modern shapes.

Words by Charlie & Dan

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memory is our first holiday together in Amsterdam. 


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

Our Communication styles can be a challenge at times – Dan is led by emotions, and Charlie is led by logic. That doesn’t always mix well! 


Tell us a little favorite thing about one another.

Charlie’s favourite thing about Dan is his smile. Dan’s favourite thing about Charlie is his eyes. 

Photography by Clearly Wild Photography


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