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Styled Inspiration

This shoot celebrates the fluidity of gender and the joy of expressing oneself beyond traditional norms, showcasing bold patterns, strong shoulders, and delicate lace, championing the beauty of being uniquely oneself at weddings.

Andres and Juan's queer wedding inspiration captures their wild love amidst Iceland's untamed landscapes. Their unique veils, designed to embrace the wind's dynamism, symbolize contrast and movement, mirroring their enduring passion against the backdrop of Iceland's stark beauty.

Explore the LGBTQ+ wedding inspiration at Hacienda Real, blending Mexico's ancient charm with modern style. Witness authentic love with Roy and Memo in a setting that unites rustic elegance, organic designs, and a celebration of inclusivity.

Abigail and Kayla reimagine wedding celebrations, breaking away from the binary. Their shoot in Leesburg, VA, boasts bold colors, intimate moments, and a special brunch, capturing the essence of vibrant queer love and individuality.

This Harry Styles-inspired wedding breaks free from traditional wedding norms, embracing androgynous fashion and vibrant colors.

This creative inspired elopement celebrates Danie and Lil's journey together, from the surprise proposal in Iceland to navigating the challenges of being non-monogamous. The styled elopement itself was a fun and colorful disco-inspired event.

Inspired by the smooth amber color of honey, this styled shoot brought local vendors together to celebrate the sweetness of love.

This maximalist wedding shoot celebrates love in all its forms with stunning florals, textures, and colors. With the help of a talented team of vendors, including a wedding stylist, photographer, and florist, this event was brought to life in a memorable way.

These two queer women celebrate their love for one another while frolicking among the poppy fields of Berlin.

This styled shoot challenges gender norms, and celebrates love at its very core. Jay and Sam are married, and wore tulle ball gowns to celebrate.

Their marriage hasn't always been accepted by Olalekan's family who are from Nigeria, and it's been one of the hardest struggles they've had to overcome together.

Celebrating pride on your wedding day doesn't need to be tacky - this group of creatives brought it together in a modern and creative way.