Clinton & Felipe


These two lovers from Perth became an engaged couple after one year of dating. It was a hike that ended with those magic words; ‘will you marry me?’


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How long have you been together, how did you meet?

C: We have been together for three years. 

Felipe and I first met when we were out with friends, we spoke very briefly and that’s where it ended. Until another occasion, many months later, when we went out to a venue and as I was leaving Felipe saw me and got my attention as I was exiting. We spoke for a short time and agreed to exchange numbers and catch up later. After numerous text messages and phone calls and many of my own excuses to catch up, we caught up, and the rest was history. 


Tell us about your engagement.

C: I decided that I would propose one year from the day we agreed to be partners, the 7th of December. We went for 5-hour hike that day he had no idea I had packed a champagne breakfast and was going to propose 

I was stressed about where I was prosing as it was on a couple of large rocks in the national park overlooking a beautiful vista, and I was worried about dropping the rings. 

I was nervous and running with adrenaline when I proposed. And, just as I stressed, one of the rings dropped into a crevasse. Thankfully, together, we manage to ply it out. 

I found out afterward that Felipe was planning to propose to me. I had no idea we were both being secretive! 


Tell us about the rings.

C: I had the rings hand made by a friend’s friend. Felipe had no idea. I had a design in mind, and that friend helped bring it all to life. We both have a set of two rings, one being our engagement ring, which is gold with black square-cut diamonds, and the other a solid white gold wedding band. 

A lot of thought and time went into the design of the rings.


What does your engagement mean to you both?

C & F: Our engagement is a symbol of the next steps in life together we wanted to take together. Our love has just grown stronger between one another and our family and friends 

Photography by Sara Hannagan Photography