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Kings & Thieves

I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based out of the mighty Blue Mountains, Australia. I shoot the driving force of this short life - you and your love - with reckless abandonment of all preconceived notions and societal norms.


You've seen me around. My words and photos have entered and exited your feeds since 2016. I've shot a great mix of humans, from Hollywood screenwriters and actors to archeologists, to legends of the music industry, to everyday legends such as you and me. The ways in which people celebrate their love will continue to change, but my approach stays the same - shoot in, never at.


Above all, I love shooting genuine humans - those who love passionately and freely. I connect with the open-minded, heretics and anarchists - those who set out and get it. The humans who have been put through the ringer and have come out the other side, scathed and stoked to talk more about their experiences.


If you care for street cred, I've been twice nominated for Rangefinder NY 30 Rising Stars in Wedding Photography and named Top 10 Emerging Wedding Photographers by CaptureMag. I've also been disqualified by many awards and publications for my style of work because it doesn't fit the mould. I've spoken at workshops, run a badass wedding registry/barbershop, OH, and two of my past couples have tattoos of me.


We live once, as far as we know for sure. So let's make the most of it. This is powerful wedding chronicling for the reckless at heart.


Katoomba NSW, Australia
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