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Getting Real with Newcastle Celebrant, Monty, from Holymatrimonty



What makes a “shit hot” ceremony?

Anything that goes against the grain! Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people, so I absolutely love it when my couples want to do something wildly different in their ceremony that actually means something to them.

That can be anything from having Negroni’s made from scratch handed to them at the start of their elopement or a groom surprising his stepdad by asking him to walk him down the aisle before his bride to strut her stuff with her dad.


Why did you become a celebrant?

My brother was getting married, and I didn’t want to sit through yet another long-winded, boring, traditional ceremony, so I thought the best solution was to become the celebrant and hitch him myself. Well, that first wedding was pretty darn special and the catalyst for what turned out to be a pretty amazing career move.

I love what I do, the couples I get to meet, marry, and become mates with, and all of the epic places I get to travel to for weddings. It truly is the best job in the world!


What’s your favourite thing about being a celebrant?

It’s not because I love, love, because I don’t! #controversial.

It’s seeing the most authentic, unrehearsed, real, and raw emotions unfold throughout the day. Whether that’s when you see the love of your life walking towards you or when you get to absolutely roast your “I do crew” mid-ceremony. These moments just happen exactly the way they should, and I love that I get to be part of them. Seeing people’s reactions to the things I say or the moments I create is just so damn rewarding!

Any “stand out couples moments” so far?

Absolutely! A couple was surprising their guests with homemade vodka and rum shots at the start of their ceremony. Adult “flower men” rocking into some AC/DC and a groom and all his mates singing his vows, just to name a few.


Any advice for couples looking for a celebrant?

Forget about the fee. Try to prioritize how they make you feel and the experience they’re going to give you over the price that they charge because the connection you have with them is far more important than whether they “fit your budget” or not.


How far do you travel for weddings?

That depends on how far my shit hot couples want me to go! There is absolutely no limit on how far I’ll travel to hitch a couple of legends. So no matter where you want to get married, if we vibe, and I’m sure we will, I’ll be there!