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A Grungy Downtown Elopement with Bright Florals and White Attire



Words by Juliana Kaul of Goodstock Production.

Alex of Velvet Ink Photography approached us to help put together an LGBTQ+ shoot and had a blast doing so! For this setting, we wanted to work with a “modern glam” aesthetic, featuring edgy hair and accessories and a grungy downtown setting with fun, light, pastel florals and simple white attire. Alyssa and Cyd came in to be our models, and we really couldn’t have picked a better couple! They perfectly embodied the fun theme we had in mind.


For our decor, we kept things very simple. We held the shoot in a small building downtown and essentially had a blank canvas to work from. We did simple, clear ghost chairs and an iridescent aisle runner, as well as some pastel linens and florals for our welcome table. The main event was definitely the floral installation by Jackie’s Flowers, which was stuffed full of fun flowers, from dyed baby’s breath to beautiful bunches of hydrangeas. With the simple clothing from Second Summer Bride, paired with some funky accessories, including an iridescent sequin cape, it was a perfect combination!


In addition to the photos inside of the ceremony space, welcome table, invitation suite, and dessert (YUM, cheesecake jars!), we also wanted to get some shots outside in the city. The juxtaposition of their wedding style with the city was a super cool combination and made for some fun “city elopement” vibe photos!

We met in high school. I was a freshman, and Cyd was a junior. At the time, they were the lead singer of a band that one of my close friends was in. I went to their shows all the time! But little did we know we liked one another. I wasn’t really “out” yet. So it wasn’t until more than ten years later, when we ran into each other at a music festival, that Cyd asked me out. We’ve been together ever since.

We have a serious plant obsession, with over 50 plants in our apartment. Cyd is the GM of a plant store in East Sacramento, and that just feeds our little hobby. With the plants and animals, we pretty much run a small jungle. We have a one-year-old kitten, Kira, and she runs the whole house. Benji is our seven-year-old gentle giant pitbull mix. He’s sweet as pie and just wants to cuddle all day along with our five-year-old albino ball python Mileena who is definitely the prettiest one in the house. I run a pretty full house, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Tell us about finding love as a single mom.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced together is me being a single mom to a young boy. Being a mom is tough on its own, and learning how to balance our relationship and being a mom has definitely been a learning experience. As we grow together, we learn how to communicate effectively and make compromises for everyone’s benefit. 


What’s in the future for you both?

In the future for us, I think I see us moving somewhere fabulous that we can run our own business, whatever that may be (Cyd always has a new idea), and I honestly can’t wait. We really want to buy land for gardens and animals and whatever else comes our way! I just love being a person with them, whatever that looks like.

Photography by Velvet Ink Photography


Accessories Goodstock Productions, Jackie’s Flowers
Bar Cart Port City Mercantile
Desserts House of Ice Cream
Florist Jackie’s Flowers
Getting Ready Salon Golden Rose Barber Shop
Gown Boutique Second Summer Bridal
Gown Designer Justin Alexander
Hair Jena MacLean
Makeup Josanna Aguilar
Planner & Stylist Goodstock Productions
Prop or Furniture Hire Rent A Party
Shoes TUK
Signage & Stationery Pleasant Creative
Suit Designer David Tutera
Venue Sorcdxix