A queer eight year love story

From Scavenger Hunt to Wedding Vows: A Queer Love Story

Hope (they/them), Theresa (she/her)

Hope and Theresa’s love story is a beautiful representation of queer love and commitment. They met in college and have been together for over eight years.

For their engagement, Hope planned a beautiful scavenger hunt using golden fortune cookies, which had special significance for Theresa in her coming out journey. The last fortune was for their future, and that’s where Hope proposed. Theresa had no idea what was coming, and they have beautiful memories of that day together.

They found it challenging when it came to wedding planning, especially because neither of them had imagined a wedding when they were growing up. As queer people without accepting communities or representation, they didn’t daydream about their wedding in the same way others might have. However, they managed to put together a beautiful wedding, and they learned that their relationship is the most important thing.

They chose their venue, Kings Hill Inn and Barn because it was owned by a queer acquaintance they knew from college and her family. Many of their vendors were recommendations from the venue. Their rings are from Automic Gold, a queer-owned company that responsibly sources its materials. Their rings are engraved with “Whynot, Love” and “Whynot, Forever,” playing on Hope’s original name and the puns that are possible with their shared last name.

Their engagement and wedding represent a moment to set their intentions for their relationship and lives together, and to reflect on their love for each other. They don’t feel that their day-to-day lives have changed much, given that they had already intertwined their lives before getting married. However, their commitment to each other feels stronger now, and they feel celebrated in their relationship without a shadow of a doubt.

Hope and Theresa’s love story is an inspiration to us all. It shows that love knows no boundaries, and that with commitment and intention, any relationship can thrive. Their wedding planning journey was not without challenges, but they learned that the most important thing is their relationship, and that their love for each other is all that truly matters.