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Meet, Pacific Northwest Photographer, Emett Joseph


Who is Emett, the human behind the lens?

Hey! That’s me, and that’s a loaded question! Ha, I’m Emett, a 90’s kid, artist, adventurer, love enthusiast, and a recovering addict with almost six years clean at the time of writing this. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest – Seattle, Portland, and their surrounding national parks and forests have always been home for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by art, self-expression, and human connection. I love observing people and getting to know and understand them, their stories, and finding out what makes them unique and what brought them to this current stage in life.


Photography has always been an outlet for connection and positivity. But, honestly, the pretty photos come second to me. It’s about telling stories (as cliche as that is), connecting with new people, and seeing new places. I originally picked it up as a hobby a few years ago and immediately found a sense of self and pride when I took photos I loved, and I knew I finally found something to give the world that I could call my own. Ever since then, I’ve just been pursuing that passion.


Why is being an inclusive wedding photographer important to you?

Being an inclusive wedding photographer is important to me because everyone deserves to have their story documented. Love is powerful, transformative, and healing and everyone deserves to have that photographed and expressed in a medium that allows them to share it with the world (or for them to savor it for themselves). Weddings are about two lives coming together for a shared purpose. It’s a celebration of powerful connection, and I can’t reiterate it enough – everyone deserves to have that documented and encouraged.


How would you describe your work?

Authentic, dreamy, and romantic.

Wedding or elopement? Do you have a favorite to capture? How do couples choose between the two?

Such a great question! I love them both for different reasons. I’m an ambivert, so weddings tug at the extroverted, happy-go-lucky half of me. On the other hand, elopements touch the intimate, sacred, and adventurous parts of my heart. So really, I love capturing them both equally.


As far as couples choosing between the two, I think it’s really important to be self-aware and know what you both truly want out of your wedding day. Do you want it to be focused on the two of you and your relationship, quiet and intimate? An elopement is probably best. Or, are you the type that wants to party with ALL of your friends and family and see everyone at once? A wedding it is! Ultimately, I think it comes down to how extroverted or introverted each person is within the relationship and then coming to an agreement that honors both partners’ desires in some shape or form.

I also have seen a lot of my couples do both. They elope and have a private ceremony in a beautiful place with just a few friends or by themselves (and me), and then later down the road, they have a “reception” of sorts to celebrate. I especially love it when I get invited to both!


Do you have some favorite locations or wedding venues that you like to photograph at?

My favorite elopement locations reside in the North Cascades and on the rugged coast of Washington and Oregon. My favorite wedding venues have been The Griffin House in Oregon and Kiana Lodge in Washington. They’re both spectacular and very PNW.


Anything you’d like to add?

Wedding and elopement photography is so much more than pretty photos to me. It’s about leaving a positive impact on the world, finding all the joy and love there is, and celebrating it as much as possible.

Photography & Words by Emett Joseph

Emett Joseph photography queer two grooms gay lgbtq+ wedding elopement photography Seattle Washington Dancing With Them magazine vendor badge