A Queer, Colorful Nonbinary Elopement at The Giraffe Shed

A Queer Colorful Styled Elopement

This creative inspired elopement celebrates Danie and Lil’s journey together, from the surprise proposal in Iceland to navigating the challenges of being non-monogamous. The styled elopement itself was a fun and colorful disco-inspired event, captured by Stephanie Dreams Photography and brought to life by AMW Events.



The day Danie proposed Lil was in a MOOD. We were in Iceland on holiday and Lil was finding fault with just about everything until Danie made them laugh and re-center the moment. 

Then Danie got down on one knee and gave Lil the shock of their life. It’s caught on film and Lil’s actual reaction was “Are you fucking serious.” It’s a wonderful memory not just because it affirmed our commitment to one another, but also because Danie had been plotting for months to surprise Lil and give them a proposal that they’d never expected to get as a more masc presenting person. People still get surprised that Danie got down on one knee first, and Danie still feels so proud they got to give Lil that moment of utter shock and belonging.



When Danie and Lil met, Danie already identified as non-monogamous and had a long distance partner. Lil had been a bit of a serial monogamist, and it took a lot of communicating, trust, empathy, caution, and openness for them to come to a mutual understanding of what felt good and natural in relation to dating other people. There were really difficult points where we had to decide to be patient and trust one another, and we came out the other side more confident and rooted in our relationship and supportive of our interests in other people.


D: My favorite thing about Lil is that they see the world so differently from me. They notice details around us that I never do and make me consider arguments and situations so differently from my own instincts. On top of this, they value my perspective and view as well, and I genuinely feel we have a more well-rounded and informed life because of our differences and respect for them.

L: My favorite thing about Danie is how self-assured she is. She has such a strong sense of self and it’s wonderful to be with someone whose opinions are so well-formed and needs so clearly expressed. She really knows who she is and lives unapologetically as herself – it makes me feel more emboldened to be who I’m supposed to be.



Informal elopements that are filled with a whole lot of personality and fun are some of our favorites to be involved in, and that was the direction we went with for this. 

Stephanie Dreams Photography was there to capture the connection between the couple. Steph is also the creative behind the Love For All. LGBTQ+ wedding workshop for creative wedding vendors across the UK. This shoot is part of that workshop. 

Amelia at AMW Events bought this whole style to life, starting with the colors. We wanted something a little different to keep it current and not seen at other shoots or that venue, but also that still was something we’d love to photograph in real weddings. 

Photography by Stephanie Dreams Photography


Accessories Rocks Revival Jewellery
Celebrant Sophie Colligan
Dress ASOS
Florist The Blossom Parlour
Makeup Agata
Napkins The Knotted Napkin Co
Stationery With Bells on Invites
Streams Streamdelica
Stylist AMW Events
Tableware The Luxe Collection UK
Venue The Giraffe Shed