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Rick & Cedric- Romantic Picnic Proposal



Even in a “normal” situation planning a proposal is not the easiest part, but now that most restaurants, museums, and beach clubs are closed, how does someone surprises their partner with the perfect proposal?

We have found the answer to this. Spring is around the corner, love is in the air, and what could be more romantic than taking a stroll with your partner and being surprised with a beautiful picnic? (And that’s all before the proposal even took place!)

Together with Wild Thyme Picnics (coincidently owned by one of our lovers, Rick), MomentsbyJolie as the photographer, and Gebak van Tabak as wedding cake supplier and Coster Diamonds (for the wedding rings), we created a picnic proposal package for €550.

Read more about Romantic Picnic Proposal here.

Talk us through the love story, and how it began.

We saw each other for the first time in Amsterdam, a week before Kings Day. I was waiting for a friend of mine on a bridge near the Nieuwmarkt ( a square in Amsterdam), standing next to a truck. I was gazing at all the bicycles passing by, then suddenly there was Cedric on his bike with a big smile on his face. We caught each other’s eye, and we had a moment that lasted for five seconds but felt like forever. He biked on. I stood on the sidewalk with a smile on my face. I later told my friend that I just had a little moment with a very cute guy. Now I know it was love at first sight!

A week later, I got a message on Tinder. “Hey, aren’t you the delivery guy on the bridge?” I couldn’t place it right away. Delivery guy?! But when I clicked on his profile, I recognized him immediately. And then I recall myself standing next to a truck that was unloading. I was the delivery guy! We talked for a bit online and then met the next day in a small Jenever bar called Wynand & Fockink, where they have lots and lots of different kinds of flavored “likeurtjes.” We had fun all day! Laughed and trolled around the city. We talked for hours. And at the end of the day, we kissed. I know it sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. And from that moment on, we haven’t really left each other’s side. In two weeks, we will have been together for four years!


Walk us through one of your favorite memories together.

On a day off, we can wake up in the morning and leave the house to just go to the supermarket. But nine out of ten times, we end up biking out of the city to enjoy the peace and quiet in the countryside. We bike to small villages outside Amsterdam and have coffee or a cheeky beer in the local café. Other times we go for a walk through nature, rent a boat or take the canoe to the lake. There’s never a boring moment on days like those.

We just have fun together! 

We think that is also the power of our relationship. We’re a good team together. Every day seems to end up as an adventure. One of our favorite moments last summer was when we headed to the beach on a hot summer day. This ended up with us drinking cocktails, then rocking up next to an open-air fireplace watching the beautiful sunset. After the sun went down, this incredible glowing algae appeared in the dark between the waves. We were the only people on the beach, and it was the prettiest sight and a truly magical moment. Yeah, we spent some hours calling to the ocean how beautiful life is!


What is your favorite thing about one another?

Rick: Cedric is just one big bundle of love. He’s honest and down to earth. My favorite thing about Cedric is that there is never a dull moment in his life. There is always something to create or do. His mind is never without new ideas. He is ambitious and encourages that same passion in other people. Plus, he’s a real gentleman that will treat you with kindness and conquer you with his smile. Oh yeah, and every morning he makes me the best coffee!

Cedric: It’s very simple. I have loved Rick since the moment I set eyes on him. He is his own man, independent and clever, always passionately obsessed with new things, and most importantly, he is kind and a fiercely loyal friend. I never know where my day will end with Rick! He has brought adventure to my life, and you should see how his eyes light up when he talks about food or music. We are always on the same page and continually both challenge and support each other.


What’s in the future for you both?

In Dutch, there is a saying, “Huisje, Boompje, Beestje,” and that’s exactly where we see ourselves in the future. Our focus is primarily on finding a lovely home outside of Amsterdam to turn into our little kingdom and make our own. One with a garden fence around it and a dog running around. We live in an apartment in the city now, but we are both longing to settle for the small village life. You know, do some gardening, read a good book on the front porch, that kind of thing!

At the same time, we would like to travel. We are not the backpacking kind of guys, but sometimes we dream of moving to another country. It could be France or even back to California, where Cedric was born. We kind of go where the wind takes us most of the time. Still, there is so much to see and do here.