Queer gay engagment proposal story in California USA captured by Pixel and Prints (2)

Shanda & Sapphire – Taking a Risk to Find Love



We are a couple that enjoys spending time with our close friends and family. We spend a lot of our time laughing and reminiscing on how far we have grown as a couple. I always thought I had found my person- it just took some extra time.

Sapphire and I have been together for nine years and met several different times when she would come to my personal line at the grocery store I worked at. One day I ran into Sapphire at AMPM (gas station), her employment. All I could think was, “Damn; she is a cutie.” I had gone home to my house that my ex would not leave (we had been broken up for two months). My ex exchanged rude words with me, so I decided to call that girl at AMPM.

I called, and my nerves got the best of me, so I hung up fast. *Took a deep breath*. I then called back again. She answered. The first question I asked was, “Are you single?”. She laughed and asked several times, “Who is this?” I had no intention of telling her who I was within the 2-minute conversation, but I did give her hints of where I worked. After the hints, I hung up. This was the most uncomfortable thing I have done out of my comfort zone. I hung up and laughed—a long shot. Well, 20 minutes later, my phone rings. The first question I hear is, “Are you single ?” I laughed in embarrassment. The next question was ‘How did you get my number?” She said caller ID. The rest has been history.


Tell us about the planning process for the proposal.

May 8
Sapphire proposed to me one day before my birthday. I had lost my adoptive mother, whom I shared a birthday with one month before proposing. She asked me what would make me happy for my birthday leading up to the day. The only thing I told her was to have my mom for one more birthday to celebrate together. Sapphire knew I was hurting. She surprised me by putting the box on the table and told me that she had been through some of the lowest trenches with me and wanted to make it a lifelong mission to ride life’s journey together.


Sep 23
I proposed to Sapphire on her birthday (cliche). We had invited our close friends and family to dinner, where I had a plan for a birthday bag with ring pops in it for her to pass out. She opened her gift, passing out ring pops, and then saw her gift at the bottom of the bag. We had just talked about gold necklaces that she really wanted. Once she pulled out the box, I told her how much I wanted to spend forever with her. She cried, and I cried.


How is wedding planning going? What do you hope for your wedding to be?

Wedding planning is going fine. It has stressful moments, but it is all coming together. Sapphire is more of the “Bridezilla” when it comes to having vendors and certain things for the wedding. I have been going with the “flow.” We started wedding planning one year in advance to ease the stress.

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