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The Mini Wedding Series



What is The Mini Wedding Series?

The Mini Wedding Series is a seasonal offering where some of Seattle’s best wedding vendors collaborate to create a two-day event where we plan and design incredible yet affordable “micro” weddings. Each day of the seasonal offering, we offer four 1.5-hour micro wedding “time slots,” where the guest lists can range from four-twenty-five. 

Every season, we work with a new group of vendors to design a different and unique design theme, scheme, and colors, which lasts the entire length of a series. Your core package includes:

  • Venue
  • Photography
  • Florals
  • Officiant
  • Day-of Coordination
  • Mini Cake 
  • Champagne / Sparkling Wine
  • Sweetheart Table Rentals / Décor 

We also include exclusive add-on options, including day-of jewelry rentals, videography, wedding suites/announcements.


Tell us what a mini wedding is?

Micro/Mini Weddings are still growing, but they are increasingly becoming more popular in the wedding industry. This newer trend is a balanced mix of elopement, courthouse, and your standard family affair- elegance, design, and intimacy without the drama. A micro wedding, in general, is where a couple invites up to a couple of dozen close friends and family members to celebrate them. With their intimate guest list, the couple can spend personalized time connecting with each of their guests, making the day more of a meaningful experience. 


How does your mini wedding work?

To book a mini wedding, it’s a straightforward process, just like online shopping! Three months before a series, we release our photos on social media and our website so that our potential couples have the opportunity to envision themselves, in the photos, getting married with our design scheme in mind. Two months before a seasonal series, we open our bookings to the general public; from there, our bookings are all online! Selecting the day you’re interested in, the package gives you multiple options: time, cake flavor, and florals, then add that to your cart. If payment plan options are needed, we also offer those (please reach out to let us know!) 


Who is a mini wedding for?

The Mini Wedding Series Seattle is the perfect option for couples looking for an intimate and spontaneous celebration, but with stunning designs in gorgeous venues. Our clients will be able to relax and truly enjoy their wedding day knowing we’ve got them covered.


How much do they cost?

Our base package begins at $3,800. At TMW Weddings, we created our model with the wedding industry in mind. The average traditional wedding in 2019 cost $33k. The only other option was eloping or a courthouse wedding: we thought there had to be another way, another option.


Any advice on how to pull together a mini wedding guest list?

Oh, yes, absolutely! We’ve actually written a blog post on how to stick to a “mini” guest list:


We totally understand the complexity of how and where to draw the line; your first draft of your guest list is 200+ people, and you’re asking yourselves: how do we make this process easier, less stressful, and mini! Our top tips include:


Set your boundaries, expectations, and rules early!

This is most likely the most important tip! Set your boundaries and draw the line. Ask yourselves questions like, 

    • “Do you know them on a personal level?” 
    • “Have you had a real conversation in the last year?” 
    • “Would you personally call them on their birthday?”

Communicate early!

  •  Use your Save the Dates and send those boundary hints: you’ve limited the number of kids and/or plus-ones. 

Creating a mini / smaller guest list can be difficult, but know that those who know you and love you will support you no matter what.

Photography by Sarah Anne Photography

Attire Friar Tux
Cake Honey Crumb Cake Studio
Event Design & Coordination The Mini Wedding Series
Florals Anthera Floral
Jewelry Aide-memoire Jewelry
Lounge Vintage Ambiance
Lovers Evan & Spencer
Rentals BB Tabletop Rentals
Stationary & Signage Honest Calligraphy
Venue The Banana Stand
Videography The Reeds Film