Intimate queer trans love

The Magic of Trans Love and Queer Friendship

There is something about trans love: it’s magic. Silas and Eliot are the epitome of that. Their love radiates the room and you can feel the tenderness in the way that they look at each other. They laugh together so damn hard that tears fall. It makes you wonder when the last time you laughed that hard was. They hold each other like it’s the last time they’ll be able to. They touch each other’s scars with warmth and care and know how far they both have come.

Along with myself, both Silas and Eliot are trans. I’ve been lucky to know these two wonderful humans from the start of their relationship to the present day. I’ve seen them grow together and even more so individually. Our friendship has also evolved and grown over the last few years. It feels unique. All three of us had top surgery within the last year and were supporting each other throughout the long process. The agony of getting all the logistics in order for gender-affirming surgery on top of the daily and exponentially increasing dysphoria was tough. Recovery was also very difficult for all three of us in different ways. And some of that pain still lingers. Yet, in all the discomfort, there was something really special and important about sharing this experience within such a close timeframe and with such close pals.

I think you can feel some of that glimmer in these photos. They show confidence and comfort; in love, in identity.

When I started writing this short love story, I thought it was just about Silas and Eliot. But I think it’s really about trans love, queer friendships, and how special they are.

I felt the magic that day; it was between all three of us.

Photography by G Caliolo