Dancing With Them: Volume One


It’s finally here. Welcome to the launch edition of Dancing With Them Magazine – 125+ pages of LGBTQ+ weddings and inspiration, engagements and stories of queer love.


Created by two long term lovers who’ve been engaged for a smidge over three years. When Tara proposed to Arlia, they were quick to discover a wedding industry full of heteronormative, gendered, traditions, and expectations. They didn’t see ourselves represented, and that was disheartening.


So, Dancing With Them was born. A publication that celebrates all LGBTQ+ love, authentically and with a whole lot of heart.


We wholeheartedly believe that all love deserves to be celebrated.


This Volume has so much love poured into it. The couples featured have shared some incredible stories of love, engagements, weddings, gender, and everything in between.


We get to explore one couple’s journey through ten years of marriage and another as they transitioned gender during their relationship. We get the opportunity to share some of the most beautiful weddings from around the world – from Dwayne and Karl’s emotional Baltimore wedding ceremony to Ian and Stephan’s dapper, two-tux, wedding in Canada.


Lauren & Roya’s epic sunset proposal will have you tearing up with happiness and Dean and Sam’s steamy at-home session, inspiring you to book your very own with your lover.


We are so proud of what this celebrates. We know you’re going to love it, cover to cover.


We want to take a quick opportunity to say a giant thank you to the people that brought this issue to life. From the lovers who so openly shared their stories, photographers who have shared their art and the contributors and wedding professionals who helped these pages come to life in one way or another, thank you.


As always, thank you, reader. Thanks for supporting our work. Because of you, we can share these incredible stories of LGBTQ+ love with the world.


This volume is a community effort, and we are so, so, thankful.


Magazine product photography by the ever-talented Fox & Kin


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