Jayme & Terrance

Edmonton, Alberta


Who are Jayme & Terrance?

Terrance and I are some of the busiest people around. We wake up most days at around 4:45 am, are out the door, and may not be home until 10 pm. We are up working out, then off to our jobs- both of us are branch managers at an Alberta based bank. After a day at work, we may be off to hang with friends, go to events for work, or practice aerial arts/circus training. Our weekends aren’t any slower, with back to back plans- like rock climbing, swimming, skiing, or just going for brunch or hanging with friends, we are always on the go, and have tons of energy to get through each day.

We’ve been together for just about 12 years. We met just after high school, online, back when you needed to turn on your home computer to check your new messages. Our first date, we went to a restaurant that is no longer around, but by chance has turned into a new restaurant that is one of our go-to choices.


Wowza you do sound super busy! How did you find time to plan the proposal?!

Although we’ve been together for a long time, I had never really thought about marriage until about the 7-year mark. 

We had just landscaped our backyard, so we had a barbecue for my birthday and invited all of our friends and family, so it was super comfortable and allowed us to celebrate two events in one.

Terrance had no idea it was happening, as I am very good at keeping a secret [even though everyone thinks otherwise- so they don’t tell me things]! I had only told one person, and that was my friend who’s house I tried to get a ring delivered too.

Tell us about the engagement ring experience.

I had ordered a raw diamond engagement ring off of Etsy, and UPS delivered it to the wrong address. I called UPS many times to see what they could do, but they said, “we delivered it.” So I had to go to the home where they delivered the package and ask for the item, and the person who accepted the package wouldn’t give it back, so I needed to reorder the ring. It was too close to the planned proposal- meaning I had to propose with a mood ring I bought at a junk store. Terrance didn’t care, and wanted to keep the mood ring as it was the ring I proposed with… and then he immediately destroyed it by shattering it on concrete.


That sounds so stressful! Now that your engaged what does that mean to you, has anything changed? 

To me, it doesn’t change anything; it just shows that we are committed to each other. It also means we get to throw a big party, which I don’t sway away from.


How about wedding planning, how is that all going?

Our wedding planning is the easiest thing for us, as we have hired an army of people to make all the decisions for us. We are just walking in with our suits and rings. 

We want our wedding to be fun for everyone. We’ve never heard a person say that their favorite part of a wedding was helping tear it down at the end of the night, or help seat people at the reception. 

We wanted to be as hands-off as possible, so we told our wedding decorator to do whatever she wanted and make it look nice. We said if you have always wanted to try something, this is the time as we have no perfect vision, and they are the expert.

Not to oversimplify it, but I want it to be like this quote from the movie A Bugs Life “…they come, they eat, they leave.”


How are you going about choosing your key vendors?

We’ve had a lot of people ask to be our vendors to check off “gay wedding” for their portfolio – it just seemed super inauthentic. We chose our vendors based on the quality of their work and who treated us as just a couple.

Photography by Joelsview Photography