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This shoot celebrates the fluidity of gender and the joy of expressing oneself beyond traditional norms, showcasing bold patterns, strong shoulders, and delicate lace, championing the beauty of being uniquely oneself at weddings.

Kit, a writer and drag artist, and Lee, a therapist and philosophy enthusiast, share a profound love story. From a Tinder match to a touching elopement in Brooklyn, their journey is a tapestry of music, travel, and deep emotional bonds.

Llewellyn's proposal to Ben in a charming Peranakan fusion restaurant in Singapore marked a turning point after years of connection and shared adventures. Their journey, from meeting at a beauty pageant to a heartfelt engagement and an unforgettable wedding at Melbourne Zoo, encapsulates their love story.

Andres and Juan's queer wedding inspiration captures their wild love amidst Iceland's untamed landscapes. Their unique veils, designed to embrace the wind's dynamism, symbolize contrast and movement, mirroring their enduring passion against the backdrop of Iceland's stark beauty.

Rudy and Jack, together since July 2017 after meeting in a hospital, celebrated their love with a sunrise elopement atop a mountain. Their day was filled with personal touches, from adventure portraits to a meaningful ceremony and intimate reception.

Alison and Lana's love story began unexpectedly in a share house, evolving from fast friends to life partners over six and a half years. Their queer wedding, infused with personal touches like DIY party bags and unique outfits, reflected their journey from housemates to soulmates, culminating in a vibrant celebration at Flash Romantics.

Drew and Brandon's love story began at a Bozeman apartment complex, leading to a late-night walk that blossomed into an inseparable bond. Their engagement and wedding, marked by personal touches and heartfelt moments, celebrate their journey and commitment to each other.

Dive into the world of W.R. Metalarts, where ethical jewelry design meets age-old techniques. Discover their commitment to transparency, diversity, and the art of mokume gane.

Discover Farm & Co, the quintessential wedding venue for 2024. Ideal for nature-loving couples, it offers a sunflower-filled backdrop, intimate settings, and a commitment to sustainable, farm-to-table dining. Experience the perfect blend of whimsy, natural beauty, and community spirit.

Explore the LGBTQ+ wedding inspiration at Hacienda Real, blending Mexico's ancient charm with modern style. Witness authentic love with Roy and Memo in a setting that unites rustic elegance, organic designs, and a celebration of inclusivity.

Discover Kari, Detroit's queer photographer, whose commitment to authenticity and equity shines through every snapshot, especially for LGBTQ+ weddings.