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Love Story

Embark on Christian, Coyote & Christina's polyamorous tale, from zipline encounters to heartening DMs. Experience the richness of their multi-dimensional love.

Silas and Eliot share their trans love, and the unique bond of their queer friendship. Their journey through gender affirming surgery and the confidence and comfort in their identity.

After falling in love on Bumble, they overcame challenges to become soulmates. Their story proves that love knows no boundaries and when you find the one, everything falls into place.

This styled shoot challenges gender norms, and celebrates love at its very core. Jay and Sam are married, and wore tulle ball gowns to celebrate.

Tyler and Scott's love story began in a bar in 2010, and they've been inseparable ever since. They love to travel and have made many happy memories together, including their trip to Japan. They've faced challenges, but their communication and respect for each other have helped them overcome anything life throws their way.

Their romance reads as a rom-com. They are from the UK and Italy but met on the other side of the world in Sydney; however, their romance is far from cookie cutter.

Their marriage hasn't always been accepted by Olalekan's family who are from Nigeria, and it's been one of the hardest struggles they've had to overcome together.

As a trans person, Xander has had challenges with unsupportive family - but Fern, who has had their own journey with disability, has always been there.

This grungy downtown eleopment celebrates Alyssa and Cyd - two lovers who have navigated building a relationship while being a parent.

There's no need for an extravagant proposal when you can have a quaint, yet romantic, picnic proposal on a farm in Amsterdam.

Eloping to Vegas doesn't need to be tacky, rather this styled wedding celebrated it in inspired retro glory - colorful and fun.

Although being from different cultures has been a challenge, it was one that Jared and Raphael embraced, celebrating a love together in full bloom.