Rory & Stu



On a night out in Bournemouth, we met in a very romantic place – a kebab shop! I sent my friend over to find out Rory’s name and then added him on Facebook. He messaged me and asked if I was the ‘kebab shop boy?’ We then went on a date for a drink at ‘The Cliff,’ and the rest is history, and that was eight years ago.

Over the years we’ve created so many memories together. Som that we are really fond of is the time we’ve spent in The States together, especially when we are out on a road trip finding new places and experiencing new things. There’s really nothing quite like it. 

However, it hasn’t all been good. Sadly precisely one week after we got engaged we had one of the most challenging experiences as a couple. Rory’s all-time best friend, and would-be-maid-of-honor, passed away tragically in a car accident in Australia. This was particularly difficult to overcome at what should have been such a happy time, especially when she should have featured in so much. 

For Rory, his favorite thing about Stu is his banter, forever keeping Rory on his toes. And for Stu, it’s that Rory excels at everything he does, always.

We were due to get married in September 2020, but due to COVID-19, this has been postponed to September 2021. We then hope to start a family via surrogacy after the wedding. 

Photography by Hannah Lovemore Photography


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