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Llewellyn's proposal to Ben in a charming Peranakan fusion restaurant in Singapore marked a turning point after years of connection and shared adventures. Their journey, from meeting at a beauty pageant to a heartfelt engagement and an unforgettable wedding at Melbourne Zoo, encapsulates their love story.

Alison and Lana's love story began unexpectedly in a share house, evolving from fast friends to life partners over six and a half years. Their queer wedding, infused with personal touches like DIY party bags and unique outfits, reflected their journey from housemates to soulmates, culminating in a vibrant celebration at Flash Romantics.

Drew and Brandon's love story began at a Bozeman apartment complex, leading to a late-night walk that blossomed into an inseparable bond. Their engagement and wedding, marked by personal touches and heartfelt moments, celebrate their journey and commitment to each other.

Two love-struck radiologists, one unforgettable Pittsburgh wedding, and some chirpy wedding crashers from the National Aviary. Dive into this feather-filled love fest!

Stacey & Kirsty, from late-blooming lesbians to Riverview Island vows, share an enchanting queer wedding journey marked by genuine love, surprise fireworks, and authentic self-expression.

Sapphire & LaShanda's barn wedding was more than a union; it was a rustic dream. Dive into their heartfelt journey from venue selection to the unforgettable moments shared with loved ones.

Join Cat and Cynthia on their rollercoaster love ride! From bar crawls to Pride parades, their journey has been filled with surprises and grand gestures. They eloped in Vegas, exchanged vows amidst curious tourists, and even survived a bush encounter.

Isabel and Kristina share their journey of love and celebration, as they weave together their queer romance and cultural heritage in a spectacular wedding. From a surprise proposal in Puerto Rico to a magical ceremony in Old San Juan, their union radiates joy, tradition, and boundless love.

Frances and Kerrigan's queer wedding day was a beautiful blend of tradition and personal touches. From their nontraditional preparations at Hotel Indigo to the heartfelt embrace that marked the beginning of their union, their love radiated joy and infectious giggles.

Nathan and Colten's wedding was a stunning celebration of love, acceptance, and nature. They found their perfect venue and wore custom-made suits, with their parents helping out with the decorations.