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Michael & Zachary had a special wedding day in Arizona with 75 close friends and family in attendance. The sunset ceremony was perfect with the sun setting below the mountains. Their favorite moments were spent with loved ones, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This Melbourne non-binary couple, who were forced to have a last minute wedding, creatively redefined Jewish traditions to suit them.

This is a wedding that raised much-needed money for organizations. At Evergreen Brickworks, Dianne & Nina hosted a modern queer wedding.

This Kentucky queer, sober wedding was one of personal wedding vows, a handfasting ceremony and a whole lot of dancing, well into the night.

These two men from Brisbane married in a modern, but whimsically inspired wedding and had their day captured by photographer Jackson Grant

In the Swan Valley, among an olive grove, Beth and Lacey married. With personal and emotional vows, their day was romantic and perfect.

Lauren and Sandra fell in love with the barn doors of Seacliff House - so much so that they planned their entire wedding around the venue.

Rather than postphoning their wedding, Alex and Corina decided to downsize and celebrate their love in a way that was still authentic to them.

A a surprise, Clinton organised a helicopter to take these newlyweds to two private beaches off the Western Australian coast for portraits.

A casual beachside wedding day inspired by Jay-Z and Beyonce with plenty of DIY projects to bring personality and life to the wedding day.

In the Southwest of France, Stephane and Vincent wed in an intimate and emotional ceremony surrounded by their favorite people.