Aaron & Marc



How did you meet?

We found each other through Scruff—a gay dating app. I initially sent Aaron a simple message “You. Are. Gorgeous!”, which was followed by two weeks of daily messages filled with quality conversation and playful banter, before we actually met in person.


What is your favorite memory together?

On our first trip away together, about four months into our relationship, we went to Dark Mofo in Hobart. It was, for both of us, our first time to the festival of Winter Solstice (which was so good we ended up going three years in a row). 

What was particularly special and memorable on that trip was our evening at the Night Mass party. The party was full of dark, quirky, and mysterious themes. As our night kicked into gear, we stumbled across an old mechanic’s workshop. Called Joe’s Garage, it had been converted into a debaucherous bar full of colorful characters dancing on podiums and swinging from rafters. As we danced to old rock classics and sang like no one was watching, we fell into the most amazing embrace. Kissing each other passionately as the sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ enveloped every inch of our intertwined souls. It was a very heady moment that was, thankfully, captured by a fellow dancer who witnessed the embrace. It was an extraordinary moment for both of us, and it’s one that fills us with love every time we hear that song.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

As with most long term relationships, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of getting too comfortable and becoming complacent. We are forever mindful of this challenge—and by no means perfect—to keep things interesting, create surprises and special moments, giving complements, being intimate, and sharing words of love with one another.


What is your favorite thing about one another?

M: Besides his very handsome looks, Aaron’s old soul is what keeps me coming back for more. His apparent experience from a previous life is what has always attracted me to him. It’s like he’s done it all before. He’s a true empath who is always considerate and thoughtful in everything he does. Even though I’m 12 years older, I’m constantly in awe at how connected and switched on he is. He gives me a youthful outlook on life, yet connects with me on more mature interests.

A: Marc’s Cheshire cat smile instantly disarms me, just as it did four years ago. His gentle face radiates warmth and I often find myself reciprocating that infectious positivity. Handsome aesthetics aside, Marc’s intellect and passions arouse my curiosities. Having someone to learn from and bounce off all of life’s questions is something I often take for granted. He has introduced me to many new worlds and vastly expanded my mind.


And, what’s in the future for you both?

We’ve just celebrated our four year anniversary, and after renting together for the past three years, we’re now ready to take the next big step and look at buying our first home. It’s an exciting time for both of us, as it will open up a new set of challenges and give us the flexibility to focus on even more of our financial and personal goals. In particular, we both aspire to create a boutique agritourism business in rural Victoria that offers accommodation, combined with cooking classes using produce from our gardens and introducing foodies to quality products and wares of local artisans and creators.