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Heartbloom- Jared & Raphael

Words by Coordinator – Meghan Dilba from Sideways & Co.

LOVE is all-consuming and allows you to bloom and flourish as an individual and together as a couple. We wanted to celebrate the fierceness that is love by combining whimsy and nature in unexpected ways.

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Words by couple Jared & Raphael

How did you meet?

At the time, we were enlisted in the Navy and, luckily, both stationed in China Lake, California. It was a very remote part of the California desert that did not have many exciting things to offer. However, in that less than ideal place, we were fortunate enough to meet each other. Once we got together, we’ve been inseparable since.

Our favorite memory together is going to pick up our babies (the Boston Terriers) Obi and Jamie for the first time and take them home. When we got there, Jamie scrambled her way to the front to get to Jared. We were looking at all the puppies, and Jamie was for sure the one. However, I noticed a little nugget asleep in the back and asked the guy who was giving them up for adoption if he had been claimed. He said no. Jared and I looked at each other and decided to adopt two babies and from then, it’s been Jamie and Obi, or as we call them, “The gremlins.”


Our biggest challenges had to be our families officially meeting for the first time. We were nervous as we weren’t sure if everyone would get along as we come from two completely different parts of the world with different cultures and customs. It was thanksgiving of 2019 when my parents flew from Haiti to be with us in Oregon and to meet Jared’s family. It went extremely well and better than we had anticipated.


Raphael: My favorite thing about Jared is his confidence and determination. He consistently achieves all his goals and does it so well. I’ve never known anyone with more confidence than him. The way he carries himself and has pride in all that he does is admirable and inspirational.

Jared: My favorite thing about Raphael is his ability to make his people close to him feel loved and accepted. He lights up a room whenever he walks in. He is often considered the life of the party and the unforgettable personality. He lives his life with no holding back or apologies. His courage and strength inspire me to keep moving forward. 


What’s in the future for you both?

We both want to continue our educational journey and have goals to complete our master’s degrees within the next few years. We are considering adopting another sibling for Obi and Jamie, but we are still undecided. There’s always a project around the house, and this coming summer should be full of them. Finally, we hope to travel more and live our lives to the fullest, of course, COVID permitting.

Photography by Rachel Brookstein

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Meghan Dilba from Sideways & Co.
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