Courtney & Kim

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Courtney and Kim. In fact, it would take well over a year before they actually started to form a romantic relationship. Now, they’re planning their Queensland wedding day.

Initially, they met when the retail company we both worked for was having a store revamp, Kim was in charge of the night staff, and Courtney worked during the day, so we rarely crossed paths, but Courtney had a bit of a crush from afar.

Admittedly Kim doesn’t remember Courtney at this time.

Fast forward 18 months, Kim, who had moved away for work, returned back to Townsville and found themselves working at the same store as Courtney.

They were both in relationships at the time but became great work friends – carpooling to work and creating many inside jokes together as friends do.

Around a similar time, their relationships broke down, and they found friendship and support in one another, until, to both their surprise, a romance quickly developed.

For Kim, it was Courtney’s laugh, best described as an adorable cackle accompanied by a contagious smile that really drew her in. Courtney is kind and compassionate and brings out the best in her by encouraging me to be the best person I can be. Courtney also happens to be Kim’s favorite personal nurse whenever she is injured, which is a lot of the time.

At the start of our relationship, Courtney, an avid pun-telling-comedian, [ which Kim secretly loves, this but would roll her eyes every time] accidentally spilled the L word for the first time. Courtney was holding up a twig branch to Kim and saying, “I twigging love you” before realizing what she had said and started to backtrack with, “I mean.. metaphorically speaking.” What followed was many laughs and cuddles and a response of, “I love you too,” from Kim. It’s still a running joke, and Courtney had a “K” tattooed with little Twig branches in memory of this moment.

Fourteen months later, they were engaged.

Courtney asked Kim first, with a ring one night before bed – Kim cried and said, “no… I was meant to ask you first!”. Then a week or so later, Kim asked Courtney, amidst a DIY carpet renovation, she pulled up the carpet prior and painted “Marry me?” On the concrete slab underneath.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. They have each changed jobs three times during the course of their relationship. And sometimes, it’s been a pressure cooker. Each new job brought new demands and challenges – long hours, pay changes, working out of town. They have managed to support each other through and have since grown stronger together; they now believe they could take on any work demand and assist the other in making a decision with both our professional growth and relationship in mind.

Patience and compromise have helped a lot!

For Courtney, Kim’s strength has inspired them every day through it all. It also helps that Kim makes them laugh while being patient during times of frustration.

Right now, the lovers want to work hard, in their careers, and on their home. Hopefully, one day they won’t have to work as hard and surround themselves in their dream DIY home, sharing it with their children.

Wedding planning has been a breeze, Kim never saw herself getting married until she had met Courtney, so was open to ideas Courtney had envisioned for their day. Minimalistic, fem – soft pinks and textures, natural greenery.

Courtney is striving for an eco-friendly lifestyle, so they decided not to have any flowers, opted for personalized vegan cookies instead of a cake, no balloons, second hand only decorations and Courtney’s dress is second hand.

Kim, on the other hand, has had a very hard time finding something to wear that made her feel like herself – they are getting a custom made contour pants and waistcoat suit made in pink linen.

They’ll marry in February with their favorite people present.