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Justin and Leandro, a couple whose elopement journey takes them from a chance app match to a stunning proposal at the Grand Canyon. As they navigate challenges, celebrate their love, and embark on a future filled with happiness.

Hope and Theresa's eight-year love story is a beautiful example of queer commitment. With unique hobbies, they had no preconceived wedding plans, but Hope's scavenger hunt proposal and their wedding at a queer-owned venue showed their love and intentions. Their relationship is celebrated and stronger than ever, proving that love knows no boundaries.

Keith and Justin's love story is a beautiful example of a long-lasting relationship built on trust, communication, shared interests, and acceptance of each other's differences. Their journey is an inspiration for those still searching for their special someone or hesitant to take their relationship to the next level.

They've known one another a decade, and a natural love grew between these two nonbinary humans who just celebrated their engagement.

If you don't put yourself out there, you might not meet the person you're meant to be with - ask Shanda and Sapphire. After 8 years together, they're engaged.

Most college relationships don't work out - particularly those that start online. But, that's not the case for Jack and Marco who are celebrating 10 years together.

Jack and Renee manage to combine absolute hipness with total goofiness into their downtown Oakland engagement shoot, in such a unique way.

These two lovebirds met in an unlikely place to find romance - a kebab shop after a night out. They found one another online and now, eight years has passed.

These two lovers met online back when you had to turn on your desktop computer to check your notifications, now, seven years in, they're planning their Canadian wedding.

Little did these two lovers know, they both planned proposals on a holiday to the USA & Canada. They celebrated with an engagement photoshoot in Banff.

A proposal on the couples first trip together to Europe on a sunset river cruise in Venice, is there anything more romantic?

After a Disney inspired proposal in Europe, at a castle no less, Cady and Leandra started planning their Tallahassee wedding day