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Llewellyn's proposal to Ben in a charming Peranakan fusion restaurant in Singapore marked a turning point after years of connection and shared adventures. Their journey, from meeting at a beauty pageant to a heartfelt engagement and an unforgettable wedding at Melbourne Zoo, encapsulates their love story.

Alison and Lana's love story began unexpectedly in a share house, evolving from fast friends to life partners over six and a half years. Their queer wedding, infused with personal touches like DIY party bags and unique outfits, reflected their journey from housemates to soulmates, culminating in a vibrant celebration at Flash Romantics.

Discover Farm & Co, the quintessential wedding venue for 2024. Ideal for nature-loving couples, it offers a sunflower-filled backdrop, intimate settings, and a commitment to sustainable, farm-to-table dining. Experience the perfect blend of whimsy, natural beauty, and community spirit.

Stacey & Kirsty, from late-blooming lesbians to Riverview Island vows, share an enchanting queer wedding journey marked by genuine love, surprise fireworks, and authentic self-expression.

Their romance reads as a rom-com. They are from the UK and Italy but met on the other side of the world in Sydney; however, their romance is far from cookie cutter.

This Melbourne non-binary couple, who were forced to have a last minute wedding, creatively redefined Jewish traditions to suit them.

These two men from Brisbane married in a modern, but whimsically inspired wedding and had their day captured by photographer Jackson Grant

There are celebrants, and there are *celebrants* - and Monty, of Holymatrimonty, is of the whip crackin', budgie smuggler and cowboy boot-wearing kind adding personality to weddings in Newcastle and beyond.

If you've been on the hunt for a Melbourne wedding DJ that promises to get the dance floor going without any daggyness or pre-prepared playlists, One More Song are your crew.

Fairina Cheng is a Sydney-based jewellery designer who works with couples to create custom, meaningful engagement and wedding rings and jewellery.

In the Swan Valley, among an olive grove, Beth and Lacey married. With personal and emotional vows, their day was romantic and perfect.