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Drunk In Love



Words by the planner and photographer Phoebe from Phoebe Rossi Photography.

We all have a direction in life, but when you meet that ‘one’ that one person that you can take direction with, it is a fantastic feeling, a feeling like you are completely in awe, drunk, fuzzy, bubbles bubbling away in your stomach. There is nothing more amazing than finding that true person, that one person who you can just be you with.

I wanted to create a romantic, moody vibe by using dark tones and nontraditional suits. We used some excellent props from To Have And To Hire, who provided a fantastic cart that we used for the head table, along with the dark red chesterfield sofa and the ‘Drunk in love’ neon sign. Gemma from Bloominati Florals designed some stunning moody florals, using the colours I provided and arranged flowers for the table, the sofa, the ceremony, and a bouquet for one of the couples. We had Spirit of Stonewall Gin provide us with some cute gin wedding favors along with Bubbas Bakes tasty biscuits, and her cake was to die for. L Guess Jewellers provided some great alternative wedding rings that went so well with the theme, and Hire Societies created my vision for my planning and styling. Along with Amber Rose Morgan capturing everything on film

Words by couple Brandon & Ryan.


What is your favorite memory together? 

One of our favorite memories together has got to be our trip to Australia and taking a boat out to visit the Great Barrier Reef. We went scuba diving together, and it was such a great experience and something we both we not forget. We even got to find the real-life Nemo.


Was Ryan coming out a challenge to overcome together?

Ryan did have to come out when we started dating. This was both a challenge, but also the growth within our relationship were even for both of us we could be ourselves, and couldn’t be prouder of each other as the years have gone on. 


Tell us your favorite thing about one another. 

How kind and caring Ryan is to everyone and that he goes the extra mile. One of my favorite but almost annoying things is his jokes. They really do pick me up even when I’m in the worst mood. I do try my hardest not to laugh, but his presence and laugh really pick me up.

One of my favorite things about Brandon is that you never know what he will do, and he always keeps me on my toes. Still, I couldn’t thank him enough for his positive energy and ways to help me to push myself in life and in my career when I feel like I’m not doing good enough! A real rock. 


What’s in the future for you both? 

Get a dog, and then on to marriage, as this is definitely on the cards for us in the future. As our relationship gets stronger each time, this is the next step. And then in years to come, maybe moving to Australia.

Photography by Phoebe Rossi Photography

Cake Bubba’s Bakes
Cinematographer Amber Rose Morgan Films
Decorative Elements Place Settings
Florist The Bloominati Florist
Gin Favours Spirit of Stone Wall
Planner Hire Societies
Prop Hire To Have And To Hire
Stationery Lorna Boyer Design
Suit Designer Country Master Tailor
Venue Patterns Brighton
Wedding Ring Lguess Jewellers