Your story by Ovidjus captured this beautiful queer gay love story in Berlin Germany (16)

Laura & Viona


Words and Concept by Ovidjus from Your story by Ovidjus.

At the beginning of the summer, I was riding my bike a bit outside of Berlin and discovered this beautiful red poppy field. I couldn’t get the view out of my head. However, I knew the blooming wouldn’t last very long, so I had to arrange a spontaneous styled wedding photoshoot.

Words by couple Laura & Viona.


Our favorite moment together was the day our families first met. We had a BBQ and were excited. At first, we had doubts. Will they understand each other because of different cultures? Will the language become a problem? We ended up worrying too much. But, in the end, it was a lovely togetherness. We are so happy it all worked out right away.

Before our relationship, Laura only dated men. The hardest thing for us was that it took us so long to become a couple. It took over a year, and it was always a back and forth between us because she wasn’t sure about her sexuality and was afraid to admit to herself that she likes Women. But today, we have been a happy couple for over five years. The wait was worth it.

You will go through a lot in your lifetime. At some point, it will scare you. But that’s okay. Life is not always pretty. It will be emotional – positive but also negative. Don’t be shy, be proud of your queerness. Just say it loud. We are all proud of you! Be yourself. You are perfect!


Favourite thing about each other.

Laura “I love that I can be me with you. I don’t have to worry about feeling silly around you. You accept me with all my edges. You are a good listener and make me laugh a lot.”

Viona “I love your honesty and your open-minded nature. You fascinate me every single day. We experience exciting moments every day, which I don’t want to miss.”

It is important to us that every love is celebrated. For this reason, Laura became a wedding speaker. With lots of passion, humor and warmth, she writes individual wedding speeches and personally escorts the couples on their big day. Every love story is worth telling.