A fun romantic gay wedding in Bozeman, Montana

Whiskey Walks and Wedding Vows

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

Drew and Brandon have been together for 18 months. Drew and Brandon met at a Bozeman apartment complex where Brandon was living, and Drew was visiting. They exchanged phone numbers and started chatting via text. One night on July 25, Brandon asked Drew if he wanted to go on a late-night walk around the Bozeman Pond. Drew agreed and showed up at Brandon’s apartment complex. Knowing Brandon was a big fan of whiskey, Drew showed up for this first day with two mason jars of whiskey. The two of them planned to go on a 30-minute walk and walked all night until sunrise. 

They have been inseparable ever since. 


Tell us about the proposal.

Brandon’s favorite month of the year is October. On October 1st, Drew and Brandon planned a fun autumn day, eating, drinking, and shopping. It was the absolute most perfect day. Once they arrived home at Drew’s house, they decided to engage in a toast. See, the night before, Brandon had set up a toast for the future, so it was fitting Drew did a toast on October 1st. Drew paused and suddenly got quiet. Brandon was confused, and Drew suddenly disappeared into the bedroom. About 5 minutes later, Drew re-emerged only to get on his knee; he pulled out his grandmother’s wedding ring and asked Brandon to marry him. It was the easiest YES of Brandon’s life. 


Are any stories from the lead-up to the wedding stressful or funny?

During the engagement, Brandon was finishing his dissertation with the objective of graduating with his Ph.D. Brandon was in full research mode and felt the stress of planning a wedding and trying to graduate. One night, Drew was up at this woodshop working on a project, and Brandon was finishing up editing his dissertation. Brandon had just accidentally deleted an entire page at the same time Drew called to check in. Hearing the emotion in Brandon’s voice, Drew left his workshop and surprised Brandon late that evening. Seeing the emotion and exhaustion in Brandon’s eyes, Drew got Brandon out of the house around midnight, and they went on a walk in the middle of a snowstorm (There is a picture of this night we have). Drew always knows what to say and made sure Brandon was supported and loved. Brandon graduated on time, successfully defending his dissertation a month later. 

What was the inspiration behind the vibe of your wedding?

Since there was no bride, we asked all our guests to wear white. And instead of exchanging vows, we selected ten speakers to speak. Drew was the last speaker and surprised everyone by announcing he had secretly taken guitar lessons. He sang an acoustic version of Tina Turner’s “The Best”.


Talk to us about the big day! We want all the details.

The big day was amazing, but we need to talk about the wedding pictures. A beautiful field of wildflowers and deer is next to Drew and Brandon’s house. Lo Hunter was brave to come to take our photos, ONLY to discover that beautiful wildflowers also can cause fun allergic reactions. Needless to say, we all broke out in hives, and our photographer had to change to cover up the hives.  

As for the day, Drew surprised Brandon and hired a fantastic local musician, William Chandler Huntley, who sang their favorite love songs. They had beautiful cocktails, emotional speeches, and dancing, and Brandon’s family from Seattle went to meet Drew’s family from Bozeman for the first time. It was a day we will never forget. 


What are your favorite moments?

Brandon’s favorite: Drew signing to BrandonDrew’s Favorite: There was no “first dance” but Drew and Brandon’s song is “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” a song they danced to before being engaged, a song they both fell in love to. William Chandler Huntley began singing the song during the wedding, so Drew grabbed Brandon and danced together. 


Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Being gay in Montana isn’t’ always easy. It was wonderful for us to get a chance to express our love for each other in front of our families. That meant something to us. I hope it means something to others, too. 

 Photography by Lo Hunter Photo + Film


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