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Jewelry with Integrity – The Story Behind W.R. Metalarts

Who is W.R. Metalarts, LLC, the face behind the brand?

Will Nevins-Alderfer is the founder and maker at W.R. Metalarts in Brattleboro, Vermont. He is a metalsmith, a jeweler, and a dad. Will leads with a smile, and he covers the gamut with experience ranging from 3-D CAD/CAM digital design, to lost wax carving and casting, to the ancient techniques of mokume gane. Alongside Will is a small team of 7 supporting makers and administrators, all of whom have a personal connection to Will and a passion for ethically produced jewelry.


How would you describe your style of jewelry?

At W.R. Metalarts we make jewelry for people. All genders, sizes, lifestyles, and preferences are welcome and represented in our jewelry pieces. We specialize in engagement and wedding rings, with a focus on helping people find a unique style that really speaks to their heart, even if it defies conventional traditions. Alongside our wedding collections, we love creating simple, timeless accessories like earrings and pendants. Our jewelry is made using ethically sourced metals and gemstones, and often alludes to the beauty of the natural world.


Can you tell us more about the Dapper Line Collection and why it came about?

This collection began when Will was searching for elegant masculine jewelry pieces and came to life with the intention of celebrating positive masculinity and all things debonair! We knew this “dapper” style would be perfect for folks of all genders who express themselves through a sophisticated masculine or androgynous look. This collection also celebrates one of our favorite and most unique fabrication methods called mokume gane, which is the Japanese art of combining metals to create a natural wood-like texture and appearance.


What does ethical jewelry design mean to you, and your brand?

Ethical and transparent sourcing is at the core of everything we do at W.R. Metalarts. To us, ethical sourcing means that every person that touched your ring was treated with dignity, and paid a fair wage. We are also committed to buying metals and gemstones that have a transparent supply chain, so that we know exactly how the material was mined and processed before it ends up in our hands (and eventually, your hands). In addition to the steps we take in our own processes, we are passionate about educating our clients and colleagues about how to make design choices that uphold these values, as a way to push the industry to have more integrity and transparency as a whole.


Anything else?

Unlike most jewelers, we offer a completely custom design experience and perform all steps of production in-house. We go beyond the drag-and-drop design method and really work collaboratively with each of our clients to bring their vision to life, while helping them make decisions that will result in a durable jewelry piece that fits their lifestyle. Because of our small skilled team and our transparent supply chain, we can always ensure that our finished jewelry pieces were made with love; a feeling which we hope extends to the end wearer.

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Our Fairmined Collections
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The Rainbow Band

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