A adventurous queer elopement in Las Vegas

Cat and Cynthia’s Vegas Adventure



Cat and Cynthia’s love story began in 2011 during a spirited bar crawl. Cat, smitten by Cynthia’s charm, made frequent visits to the coffee shop where Cynthia worked, eagerly seeking opportunities to strike up conversations. Eventually, their connection deepened, blossoming into a beautiful love.


Favorite Memory Together 

One unforgettable memory that still brings smiles to their faces is their spontaneous trip to Virginia for Cat’s 30th birthday in 2018. Little did they know that their visit coincided with Staunton’s first-ever Pride celebration. After a day of wine tasting, berry picking, and exploring, they stumbled upon Staunton Pride, where they reveled in the music and joined the vibrant festivities. It was a magical moment that solidified their bond even further.


The Proposal

In a twist of fate, Cynthia surprised Cat with a unique proposal at a RageRoom. Not to be outdone, Cat reciprocated a few weeks later with a romantic proposal during a fancy dinner. It’s clear that in this relationship, surprises and grand gestures are always on the menu!


The Decision to Elope 

Dreaming of a camp wedding in Vegas for years, Cat and Cynthia decided that eloping was the perfect way to bring their vision to life. After the trials and tribulations of the Pandemic, they sought a safe and stress-free option. With the support of their friend Kat, who had recently moved to Vegas and served as their witness, they set the stage for an intimate and unforgettable elopement.


Sharing the News 

Cat and Cynthia shared their elopement plans well in advance to ensure their loved ones felt included, even before they were officially engaged. Despite not having a traditional wedding, they wanted everyone to be part of the excitement. Their loved ones understood the financial constraints and accessibility issues that led to their decision.

The Elopement

Arriving in Vegas a day before their wedding, Cat and Cynthia began their adventure by exploring the famous Strip and obtaining their marriage license. On the big day, with Election Day 2022 as the backdrop, Cat got their hair styled at Dry Bar while the talented makeup artist Britney worked her magic in their hotel room. Cynthia set off to meet their witness and officiant at the Bellagio Fountain, while Cat arrived later with the photographer. Amidst curious onlookers, they exchanged heartfelt vows in a short but memorable ceremony. Despite a touch of rain and Cat’s encounter with a bush on the way back to the car, their spirits remained high. They celebrated with expensive, lovely drinks at the Vanderpump Cocktail Lounge at the Paris Casino that night and a drive through Valley of Fire Park the next day.

Photography by Samantha Jacob Photography

Accessories & Florist Bearded Iris Floral
Ceremony Location Bellagio Fountain
Gown Boutique Lirika Matoshi
Makeup Britney Wimple
Officiant The Showgirl Minister
Shoes Anna Sui
Suit Designer Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Rings ForeveringsPalmary Jewelry