Farm + Co Weddings is an inclusive gay wedding venue in Kingscliff Northern New South Wales, Australia (4)

Farm & Co – Your Guide to the Perfect 2024 Wedding Celebration

What Wedding Style Suits Farm & Co the Most?

Farm & Co, with its sunflower-filled setting, naturally leans towards a more natural and organic wedding style. This venue is perfect for couples who adore the outdoors and want a touch of whimsy and natural beauty in their big day. It’s all about incorporating earthy elements, relaxed attire, and an incredible farm-to-table dining experience.


Your Favourite Moment on the Wedding Day as a Team

Definitely seeing the guests come together and reconnect over amazing food and wine. The atmosphere is always buzzing with joy. Weddings aren’t always about the couple; they’re a celebration of community, relationships, and love in its many forms. Watching everyone come together, sharing food and laughter, makes each wedding unique and deeply fulfilling.


Big Guest Lists or Something More Intimate? Why?

There’s a unique charm in both, but for Farm & Co, something more intimate really resonates. It’s about creating a close-knit, warm atmosphere where every guest feels a part of the couple’s journey. Smaller weddings allow for more personal interactions and a deeper connection. The couple also has a better opportunity to spend more quality time with their guests.

Your Best Wedding Advice

Stay true to yourselves. Your wedding should be a reflection of your love story. Don’t get lost in the sea of trends or expectations. At a venue like Farm & Co, let the natural beauty guide your choices and create a day that feels authentic to you. And remember, at the end of the day, it’s about the love you share, not the small details.


Predictions for 2024 Weddings

I envision 2024 weddings embracing more personalised and eco-friendly trends. Couples are becoming more conscious of their impact on the planet and how they want to spend their money, leading to more sustainable choices, like locally-sourced food and minimalistic decor that complements natural settings.